What is FILO?

FILO = First In, Last Out. Perhaps you’ve heard the expression before. Maybe you’ve heard FILO’s sister LIFO (Last In, First Out – naturally.) In the accounting world FILO (LIFO) is an asset-management method that assumes that assets produced/acquired first are the ones that are used/sold/purchased last. You’re local grocery store knows that. You look at the “sell by” date and pick the latest one typically. That’s why they “hide” the good stuff in the back. The grocery store is doing it’s best to ensure the milk they purchase to sell to you is a capital gain. They make money, the farmer’s make money they stay in business, you get groceries, everyone wins!

That, however. Is not the FILO we’re talking about. Ask a member of the Military, or your local fire department what FILO means to them and they will tell you something completely different. The best depiction of the term FILO to which I am referencing is evidenced by Lt. General Hal Moore in the Battle of la Drang.

The battle of la Drang was fought November 14-18, 1965 during the height of the Vietnam war. Intelligence was received of an enemy concentration of North Vietnamese near Chu Pong Massif and General Westmoreland directed the 1st Battalion/7th Cavalry (1st/7th), led by (at the time) Lt. Col. Hal Moore to conduct a recon mission. The Central Highlands of South Vietnam is an area of rugged mountain peaks, extensive thick forests, and rich soil and therefore acceptable landing zones (LZ’s) were scarce. After debating a couple, Lt. Col Hal Moore chose LZ X-Ray near the base of the Chu Pong Massif. It was the size of a misshapen football field essentially assuring the transport of the 1st/7th would have to be conducted in several lifts with each taking 30 minutes round trip. They had the element of surprise, but were stepping on enemy turf and would be alone and unprotected for 30 minutes. Lt. Col Hal Moore ensured that he would be the first to set foot on the field, and last one to step off. FILO. First In, Last Out.

True to his word at 10:48 am Moore’s command group and Captain John Herren’s Bravo Company touched down. Alpha , Charlie, and Delta Company were to follow. Alpha at 11:18 am, Charlie at 11:48 am and Delta at 12:18 pm. At 12:15 pm the first shots were fired. Four days, 234 American KIA, and 242 American wounded later, Lt. Col Moore left the battlefield with all his Soldier’s accounted for. The battle was considered a win.

We are FILO. FILO, is for you. FILO is a team of veterans and veteran advocates who have successfully transitioned into the civilian sector. We have teamed up with amazing, accomplished people who are dedicated to ensuring that every veteran and their families successfully navigate the fatal funnel of transition. We were developed to provide 3 things. 1. Career transition. Most of the programs out there claim to be career transition but are actually just career translation. 2. An alternative to the VA. The VA is broken, understaffed and ineffective. Asking government to fix the VA is like asking cancer to cure cancer. We have people who were, key, WERE, diagnosed with PTSD. We’ve been there. We know what worked for us, we know what didn’t. and 3. Community. As much as deployment sucked, we loved some of it. You knew the person next to you had your back, you knew people were going through the same stuff you were and you could relate. Ever spent time sleeping in a Conex box in Djibouti? 🙂

We are FILO. We are in, we’ve figured out what works, and what doesn’t. Join us.

We will leave no one behind.